SuperBrain 1 gives a new sense to the blind – remote sense of touch™

100.00€ Early Bird Reservation Fee

The reservation fee will be substracted from the final Early Bird price (9000€ + taxes)

*Displayed price is a reservation fee. We will start shipping SuperBrain 1 in early June and the shipping order is based on the ordering queue. Reserve now and get yours sooner.

The patented Haptic Material™ translates the physical environment into high-resolution physical touch feelings on the forehead. This provides situational awareness and recognition about surrounding objects, motion, speed and distance without the need for eyes or ears. We refer to this as ‘Telehaptic Vision’ – like seeing without eyes.

Immediate improvement in the understanding of the environment
Average time to learn how to use key features under 5 minutes
Full day battery life for everyday activities and quick 60 minute charge
Ergonomically designed with perfect weight balance for long time usage

Engage with the world in an unique way

SuperBrain 1 gives you a new dimension of the surrounding environment. The real-time haptic information help blind to safely navigate through open spaces, enjoy the walk in the park and take part of the social events. 

It’s not another gadget, but a whole platform for every day activities.

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