A new sense for human race

Starting with big news: we’ve reinvented ‘sight’ by developing a remote sense of touch. Using this new sense, blind people can now feel – or “see” – motion, objects, shapes and even faces… in real-time, and without their eyes!


Situational awerness
Immidiate improvement
Less than
5 minutes
to gain new sense
Daily functionality
Life changing

Meet SuperBrain 1

Meet SuperBrain 1 – the future of reality enhancement. Powered by our unique patent pending Haptic Material™ and proprietary AI 3D scanning technology, it allows the blind to do things that the sighted take for granted.

SuperBrain gives users a new sense to experience freedom, mobility, safety, and situational awareness. Last but not least – no eyes needed!

SuperBrain scans the surrounding environment in great detail and depth, creating an accurate “mental image” through EHR (Extreme High Resolution) tactile feedback from our Haptic Material™.

It’s not just a device – it’s a transformation. Users’ brains begin to interpret this information as a newfound sense, evolving into a “superbrain”. For both blind and sighted first-time users, it’s not just technology; it’s an emotional journey.

SuperBrain at a glance

A new sense

Once upon a time in early testing with users…The revolution starts

Changing Users Lives

Testing with our Estonian blind community. Safety, communication, picking up objects, even playing catch.”


Ever wonder how it is to take a walk in a park if you don´t see the trees? Or how it feels to catch a ball for the first time?”

“This will change everything.”
“Once I was blind, now I can see.”

Mr. Jakob Rosin, Chairman, Estonian Blind Union
Fully blind since age 13

217 million people suffer from visual impairment and 36 million from blindness. Using our clinical-grade technology a blind person has a real-time understanding of their surroundings in unprecedented resolution and accuracy. It’s like having a new sense!

We’re redefining the vision by turning physical space into haptic touch. Our products are based on our revolutionary Haptic Material™, that allows accessing the brain in high resolution via the sense of touch. No intrusion to body, no drilling holes to the skull, no preparation needed for the user. It is just like seeing for the first time. But without your eyes…

Haptic Material™ allows to transmit the surrounding space to the user, but it can offer so much more: it is essentially a “display to the brain”, giving similar possibilities like LCD screens have given to electronic devices during last decades. Haptic Material opens a new frontier to man-machine interfaces – it is the beginning of the haptic revolution, where sense of touch is digitalized. We are in the forefront of this new wave of technology.

Our team

Johannes Väänänen

Founder & CEO

Raido Kislov


Rami Niiranen

Director of Engineering

Mihkel Tedremaa

Director of Electronics

Eva Bärenson


Siim Simmermann

Lead Designer

Madis Päev

Sales and Marketing Director

Our partners in this journey

Only by working together with our partners we can ensure that our device meets all expectations and needs for daily use. We’ve started to build a strong network of clinical, therapeutic, production and distribution partners from early on to ensure that our technology and device fits the market perfectly.

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